joi, 4 august 2011

月は吸う ~ August sucks ~

Hello again and again and again...
A beautiful month "August". That month before starting scho0l ~``mhrrrrr``~ That month with juicy fruits, and sun and rain and storm and ...whatever.
Let's see what [jr] birthdays we have for this month.

August:Yue (AILE)–August 1
Yuki (HeaRt)–August 2
Takashi (VelBet)-August 4
Denka (DIO~Distraught Overlord~)- August 5
Yu~ki (ex-Malice Mizer)–August 8
Tsuyoshi (AILE)–August 9
SEIJI (Brain Hacker)–August 9
Sharaku (metronome)-August 10
Kazune (Brain Hacker)–August 11
J (ex-Luna Sea)–August 12
Yura (Kra)–August 12
kei (baroque)–August 12
SATOchi (MUCC)–August 12
Yuki (UnsraW)–August 16
Nao (heidi.)–August 18
Yagami Toll (BUCK TICK)–August 19
Yuu (Nega)–August 19
Fu-ki (BLOOD)-August 20
Giru (Vidoll)–-August 21
Tatsuro (MUCC)–August 21
Sakika (Karma Shenjing)–August 22
Takehito (Ayabie)–August 24
Masumi (Wizard)–August 25
Akiya (kagrra,)—August 25
Asagi (D)–August 29
SIZNA (Sugar)-August 29
Yuki (Antic Cafe)–August 29
Akira (baroque)–August 30

OMG! A LOT OF FUCKING FACES AND NO NAMES! Except  Yu~ki, Yura, Satochi, Yuki,Fu-ki, Giru, Tatsuro, Takehito, Akiya and Yuki [An Cafe ...not rly..]

Mhm, I'll write some informations about those who are important [aught] for me.
So hope you guys have fun at their party, and drive carefully.

See you next time. Bai bai~!

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