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誕生日おめでとう! Happy birthday Tsuyoshi [AILE]

AILE is a visual kei indies band that got their start in 2001. Sometimes classified as oshare kei, their sound is a mix of bright pop melodies and hard rock. Through several member changes, disbandments, and reformations, their music has maintained a catchy upbeat sound. (JaME)

After the band’s first dissolution in 2004, vocalist Akito started Couple d’Ange with Tsuyoshi, Kohsuke and Yue, but soon revived AILE (formerly known as Aile) with the said three members. Support member Sai joined after few months.

Both Yue (now part of Berry Bell) and Sai left the band in 2006, and AILE went on an indefinite break. In early 2007 they returned with Moe and A~ya (ex. Death★Rabbits), only to suffer another loss - A~ya left after only a few months. This left AILE at their final line-up, and they chose to disband in May 2008.

Akito - Vocal
萌 (Moe) - Guitar
Tsuyoshi - Bass
Kohsuke - Drums

Ex members:
あーや (A~ya) - Guitar
優恵 (Yue) - Guitar
彩 (Sai) - Bass
Yukkiy - Bass
Takumi - Drums
Hiro - Guitar
Fumi - Bass


Happy Birthday , Tsuyoshi

This guy is very secretive..and I have no found much info's about him ...  

Part: Guitar
Birthday: August 9
Blood Type: B

Video for you ------------> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iO7PiucCwVg

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