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誕生日おめでとう! Happy Birthday Yu~Ki [Malice Mizer]

Malice Mizer (マリス・ミゼル; Marisu Mizeru) was a visual kei rock band from Japan. They were active from August 1992 to December 2001. Formed by Mana and Közi, the band's name stands for "malice and misery", extracted from "nothing but a being of malice and misery" — their reply to the question "what is human?". Their earlier music and themes were characterized by their strong French and classical influences, later moving away from deliberate French romanticism and incorporating Gothic-Victorian aspects after several tragedies befell the band.
Malice Mizer was as famous for their music as for their live shows, featuring lavish historical costumes and stage sets, short silent theatre pieces preluding various songs, whimsical dance routines, and even a particularly notable instance of the vocalist descending to Earth (the stage) as a fallen angel, only to ascend again at the end of the concert. Throughout their history, the band has gone through several different lineups and three drastic image changes.
On December 11, 2001, it was announced that Malice Mizer would go on an indefinite hiatus. However, according to Mana, three of the four members (Mana, Közi and Yu~ki) have regained frequent contact with each other from the middle of 2008. Then on December 27, seven years after the hiatus started, Közi played on stage with Mana's Moi dix Mois for a session gig at their "Dis Inferno Vol.VI ~Last Year Party~" event. In 2009 Közi went on a short 2 gig coupling tour with Moi dix Mois called "Deep Sanctuary". A year later, in July 2010, Közi went on another tour with Moi dix Mois, titled "Deep Sanctuary II", with Yu~ki as a special guest at Akasaka Blitz on the 17th.[2] This was the first time in 9 years that the 3 remaining original members were on stage together.

Past members

YU~KI [ex MaliceMIZER]

Name: Yu~ki
Real name: unknown
Date of birth: 8/8
Birthplace: Fukuoka
Blood type: A
Height: 175cm
Band history: Ze:ro ?? - 1992

Yu~ki was the bassist of Malice Mizer from its inception in 1992 to the "indefinite hiatus" in 2001. After his previous band Ze:ro disbanded in 1992, he was approached by Mana and K�zi to be their new bassist; after listening to a demo tape of their music, he agreed, and the core of Malice Mizer was formed. In the band's early days, he often took an active role in Malice Mizer's stage construction. Thematically, Yu~ki had a strong affinity to the image of the vampire count, the aristocrat, and the bat; his signature colors were yellow and orange. In Malice Mizer's silent film "bara no konrei", an adaptation of the Dracula story, he played the Earl of Dracula. Musically, Yu~ki's role appears to have been mainly as a performer rather than a composer.

So, I wish you a happy birthday my dear Yu~Ki
Be potent :]

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